Birth Defects From Effexor

birth defects from effexor

Get Help: Birth Defects from Effexor

If you were taking the anti-depressant Effexor while pregnant, and your eagerly awaited bundle of joy has suffered birth defects from Effexor, we may be able to get your child the help they need. Unfortunately, the scenario has started manifesting itself around the country, with distraught parents being confronted by the serious complications brought about by the drug.

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How Birth Defects from Effexor are Caused

Effexor is mainly used as an antidepressant. The FDA approved it to be used for only four illnesses, yet physicians have often gone around the system, prescribing it for other uses; which is growing in popularity. Effexor works by regulating levels of stress hormones which enable the brain to detect pain; and subsequently cause bad moods. For this reason, it has been found to help patients suffering from a wide spectrum of stress conditions, including migraines and generalized anxiety disorders.

When taken in the first trimester of pregnancy, there are heightened chances of having a baby who has potentially life- threatening conditions. There are different grades for drug safety, which are assigned to specific medications by the FDA. Effexor was given Grade C. This is a grade given to pharmaceutical products which have been PROVEN to harm lab animal babies, if the mothers are administered high doses of the product, during pregnancy.

Characteristics of Birth Defects from Effexor

Attorneys are beginning cases on behalf of women whose children have been found to have suffered from a host of complications from the medication. If a new mother finds that their infant is suffering from these injuries, they may be eligible for representation in court. The following are characteristics of the side effects on the newborns, and may be used as a basis for investigation;

  1. The baby is born with a cleft palate or lip
  2. The intestines of the baby were protruding out of the body at birth
  3. Heart defects such as an enlarged heart, septal defects, narrow aorta and heart valve problems
  4. Deformity of the skull
  5. Abnormally large head
  6. Defects of the neural tube, which may later lead to paralysis
  7. Club-foot and other limb defects

There is Help: Contact Our Lawyers

birth defects from effexorIf a parent finds out that their newborn has suffered from injuries caused by this dangerous drug, it is important to first and foremost seek medical advice. After all has been done medically, the parent should seek legal advice regarding the direction they should take in receiving redress for their child’s illness.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing those who have been personally injured, especially by top drug firm’s dangerous medications. They understand the tribulations and hardships suffered by parents who unexpectedly deliver a child that suffers from a birth defect. They aggressively fight for compensation for all the life threatening injustices that occurred to the newborn, and have been credited with playing a role in the awards of millions of dollars to families whose kids were born, needlessly, with congenital conditions.

Currently, there is a pending lawsuit against the manufacturers of Effexor; which is a class action. Our attorneys are standing by to answer any questions you might have on your eligibility to file a lawsuit. Contact us today at 1-800-499-6652 or complete the form on this page for a free claim review. If you seek to join the class action lawsuit, you will help ensure that the effects of birth defects from Effexor are not replicated in future generations.

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