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Effexor Lawsuit

effexor lawsuit

Effexor Lawsuit: Find out if you Qualify

The consumption of Effexor to help ease depression and other forms of anxiety has now been proven to sometimes eventuate in serious complications. Effexor side effects are of a serious nature and an individual filing an Effexor lawsuit against Wyeth, the manufacturer, is acting within his or her rights.

Do you feel that you’ve suffered seriously from the consumption of Effexor? If so, the time is now to file your Effexor lawsuit. Money received from an Effexor lawsuit is awarded to the claimant upon settling of the case. In the case regarding Effexor, such monetary funding will go to great lengths in relieving you of your current condition and may give you a chance to return to a healthy condition.

During the course of illness, you probably spent a good deal of hard earned money to cover your medical bills; in unfortunate instances, some individuals have had to quit their jobs after suffering serious side effects linked to Effexor. An Effexor lawsuit is aimed at refunding such unplanned expenditures to the claimant.

How to Begin Filing an Effexor Lawsuit

effexor lawsuitThe filing of an Effexor lawsuit demands the expertise of a well-versed Effexor lawyer. The presiding judge will require proof that the claimant consumed Effexor and that the side effects suffered were directly related to the drug’s use in order to grant compensation. This is arrived at by presenting a credible medical report from a certified physician; the report should explain, to comprehensible lengths, the Effexor side effects suffered by the claimant and build a link between them and the consumption of Effexor.

The outcome of an Effexor lawsuit is reliant upon the amount of goodwill coming from the claimant’s side as well as the lawyer’s side. It is important to have a good relationship with your lawyer to allow the case to proceed smoothly. Certain side effects add unparalleled weight to an Effexor lawsuit as you are about to learn. This is because such side effects (referred to as serious Effexor side effects) are life-threatening and have to be dealt with promptly.

The Serious Effexor Side Effects Featured in an Effexor Lawsuit

Abnormal behavior – Effexor consumers experience notable behavioral changes; a calm individual suddenly turns vile and can be irritated by the slightest of provocations. It is necessary to understand that their behavior emanates from the consumption of Effexor; they are not liable for their actions. Suicidal thoughts and attempts are also prevalent among Effexor consumers. All individuals portraying abnormal behavior ought to be closely monitored lest they end up performing regrettable actions.

Heart complications – A large proportion of Effexor consumers have reported developing heart conditions. The heart rhythm heightens and this can potentially lead to high blood pressure.

Memory lapse coupled with hallucinations – This particular side effect clearly shows that Effexor affects the human brain in a degenerative way. This may eventually land the affected individual in a mental institution if not corrected early enough. This effect will give your Effexor Lawsuit a strong backing for a case.

Do you wish to file an Effexor lawsuit? Let us giude you through the whole process; fill out our form and proceed to have your case reviewed for free by one of our team of legal experts. An Effexor lawsuit is the best way to compensate the consumer for pain and suffering.