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The consumption of Effexor has caused serious reactions in many users. Wyeth, Effexor’s manufacturer, failed to warn doctors and consumers about the serious side effects linked with their drug. Any person who was affected that would like to challenge the manufacturer in court can do so by filing a lawsuit through their Effexor lawyer. Effexor has over the years been painted as a reputable drug with the ability to ease depression and anxiety issues. The side effects resulting from the consumption of this harmful drug wreak havoc in the victim’s body and can result in serious reactions. An Effexor lawyer ensures the client receives satisfactory results; money aside, the health of an individual is their paramount concern.

What exactly does an Effexor lawyer do?

An Effexor lawyer is a legal professional experienced in pharmaceutical litigation. Your Lawyer will require you to submit specific documents to prove your case. Case building is an articulate procedure that demands an acute sense of sharpness and discipline; your Effexor lawyer must present the required set of paperwork in order for your lawsuit to be admitted in court. This would include medical and pharmacy records along with any other pertinent information related to your claim.

For the most effective documentation, have your medical report compiled by a certified physician before presenting it to your Effexor lawyer for the filing of the lawsuit. The report should show clearly that you have experienced certain injuries as a result of consuming Effexor. The following is a detailed coverage of the serious Effexor side effects; these carry the most weight in a lawsuit.

The Serious Side Effects your Effexor Lawyer Will Feature in your Lawsuit

effexor lawyerThese side effects threaten the life of an individual and their origin is Effexor. They have proved viable in previous legal battles and granted the claimants desired results. If your case shares a common background with previous successes, your Effexor lawyer will confidently assure you of an impending settlement from Wyeth. They include;

Hallucinations and Memory Lapse – Effexor consumers portray a worrying amount of mental disruption. The affected individual starts experiencing episodes of disturbing hallucinations.

Heart Complications – The individual’s heart is under pressure due to rapid heart-beats precipitated by Effexor; high or low blood pressure can result from this condition.

Abnormal Behavior – This is usually visible from suicidal attempts by individuals who also happen to be easily agitated in seemingly light situations.

Have your Effexor lawyer file a lawsuit compelling Wyeth to compensate you; fill out our form today and one of our legal experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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